Butch Frith

Butch Frith #237540


P.O. Box 479

Burgin, KY 40310

Hello my name is Butch, but I go by my middle name which is Sam.  Been locked up for 3 1/2 years  and should getting released in 12 to 14 months, 2nd degree robbery and 1st degree fleeing and evading are my charges. Honestly I am doing this  to try and  find something real.  I just to put my all out there and maybe find the same in return.  Mostly been with women my hole life. But from time to time I find myself in some bi situations. I really enjoy the feel of another male lover, I have only had 2 experiences. Looking forward to more. Snail me at adress above or add me to jpay

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Brandon Woodward

Brandon Woodward –

Coyote Ridge Cirrection Center

1301 North Ephrata Avenue

PO Box 769,

Connell, Washington , 9932

This is an introduction poem to a stranger out there :  One with mezmerizing eyes and beatiful hair . From this simple man who has one simple goal,that is to spark your attention with words from my soul. We ca shae some laughs maybe some cries. Go ahead and be skeptical, but I am nit like other guys. If my game is on point we can take it from there . I know I am not perfect but I can say that I am rare . I am not into games and I am not into playing. So if you like what you are rrading . Then here is what I am sayin . It doesnt matter what you want get off your chest put your worries in my lap and I will pass the test. 

I’ve made some mistakes but I am learning my leasons. I’m using this time to further my education and prepare for my release in 2024. I am 31 years young and full of ambition. I may not fully know what to do but I know now what not to do. I love to write poterey and music and I’m covered in tattos. I’m your typical  nad boy who is changening his ways to be good. I love life , and I am not gonna waste another day . I am going to travel upon my relase and start my own buisness. I will keep the details a suprise untill I meet my new penpal. Well I hope to hear from someone. I know how to live life and handle my buisness.

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Sonja Ernst

Sonja Ernst TDCJ#02320471

Crain-reception unit (r-12)

1401 Stateschool Rd.

Gatesville,TX 76599

I am a outgoing, forward,funny person. I have some college, outside of prison I did dog grooming and worked at restaurants.  I really love to laugh and smile at all times. My family is everything to me. Love to be outdoors, love beaches, and fishing, as well as inside watching movies and tattooing. So of course ink lovers welcome.  Just want to live life to the fullest. 

If you send me a Jpay email. Remember I can NOT reply to it. You must include your address so I cant snail mail you a reply .

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*has jpay email*



P.O. Box 479 

Burgin, KY 40310

Hi ladies my name is James Fulks. I am currently locked up In North Point Training center in Burgin KY. I am a 30 year old straight man love women,love pussy, always have and always will. Love a nice hand full of titts. Thick Thigs and a nice fat round ass. My desired age range is 20-40 . Race is not an issue. I love a woman with tatts and have a lot of them myself. I was 21 in the first pic. But as you can see from the mug shot covid has put weight on me .  I love the outdoors country boy at heart.  I have 2 kids. This is my first time in the pen I have been here 2 years and have 3 years to go . If you do decide to write men via snail mail. Use plain white paper and plain white envelope only. 

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Gerard a Smith

Gerard A Smith #1491148

2500 westgate 

Pendleton, O.R. 97801

I came to prison at the age of 20, I have been in prison for 16 years. I love to joke and have a good time. I work out alot, alot. I am 5’6 180 lbs. tattoed from the neck to the top of my feet. I draw (just begining to learn). I have an affinity of hardcore music and horror movies big zombie fan. I belive in being true to what you say and practice what you preach.  I am very faithful I know it sounds to good to be ture but really I am this way. I am a romantic, and like to see and hear about the outside world. Love to write and talk. Give me a chance and find out what else I am about. Also I am a open book hope to hear from you soon.

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Manuel M. Zamora

Manuel M. Zamora J-73943

C.S.P P.O. BOX 5004

Calipatria, CA. 92233

My name is Manuel M. Zamora . I am 45 year old Pacific ISlander who was born on the beatiful Island of Guam in the U. S. A. I defitnately consider myself 100% red blooded who loves this country.  I was raised in San Diego California . Unfortunately , I was also arrested in San Diego . Now I am currently incarcerated at this time.  But let me be clear. I am not a murderer ! I am not any kind of sicko or weirdo! I never touched hurt or killed anyone to get myself behind bars. . I am a good man whos made some bad choices when I was a young man. I am not the same kid I was long time ago. I have grown up completely. I am actually very fun, loving, generous, and kind. I love to have a good laugh there is also the compasonite side of me.  I am always thinking of ways an opprotunity help other people. Even from behind these wallas. Nothing hurts more than waking up every single morning feeling like you are not able to help other contribute to your community or country . Still I will never give up. I will always try to find ways to help and contribute to others in need. I love to learn truths. I read everything . I read everything I can get my hands on . I love writting too. I write a lot of truth and history. I love all music. I love to cook. I belive one has to work hard if they want to suceed or want something. I am a very hard worker . I am defitnitley romantic. I am good loyal friend . I do my best to keep my word. I try not to make promises I can not keep. I have zero tolerence for lies and deciept. I do not use drugs, smoke, or gamble. I am not a user or abuser. Most importantly I love and need female companionship. I love to have nice conversations. I am looking for a good woman wuth similar morals and values. All i know is it sucks to be lonely . I been alon for quite sometime now.  And this is me putting myself out there. I am truly a good man and worthy of your friendship. So if you are reading this and are a woman looking for a a good honest man. Please feel free to write men. I promise you will not regret it. There is so much more to me than what you just read.  If you want to find out pick up a pen and write me. Take care and god bless.

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SOCF PO Box 45699

Lucasville, Oh 45699

I am 33 years old but feel 50 and that is on a good day lol. I am from a small town.  But as of right now I am in a maximum sercurity prison. But its ok I try to make the best out of every situation . I just recently started working out again.  I like to draw its more of a passion then a hobby of mine. Its how I can earn money I am like a tatto artist. I am akso well inke myself. I am family man father of one whos fun to be around. I have one daughter who just turned 14. My father is no longer with us but I still have my mom who is rasing my daughter. I have been down 2 years and have one year left. IF you like to know more feel free to write.


Anthony Jacobsen

Anthony Jacobsen #16560514

2500 Westgate

Pendleton, O.R. 97801

When I am on the streets, I am free as an eagle. I love to travel have been all over the united states . I have been places where only the gods have been (just kidding lol). But I love to write and see and hear what other people have to say and show. Tattos are a big part of my life. I love all types of art. Mainly art that nobody has seen . I am an open book ask me anything . I have nothing to hide I value honestey, trust, compassion.

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Antonio T Montgomery


Sid: 20483935

Antonio Montgomery

777 Stanton Blvd 

Ontario, OR 97914

Hi I am a 22 year old black and latin male. Grew up all up and down the west coast. I love to work out and I love to learn . I grew up in foster care . Now I am living in prison for an accident. Looking for a way out, really trying to change my life. I am a calm and intense man. If that makes sense to anyone.  Just tying to enjoy an intimate relationship with a friend or lover.

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