Manuel M. Zamora

Manuel M. Zamora J-73943

C.S.P P.O. BOX 5004

Calipatria, CA. 92233

My name is Manuel M. Zamora . I am 45 year old Pacific ISlander who was born on the beatiful Island of Guam in the U. S. A. I defitnately consider myself 100% red blooded who loves this country.  I was raised in San Diego California . Unfortunately , I was also arrested in San Diego . Now I am currently incarcerated at this time.  But let me be clear. I am not a murderer ! I am not any kind of sicko or weirdo! I never touched hurt or killed anyone to get myself behind bars. . I am a good man whos made some bad choices when I was a young man. I am not the same kid I was long time ago. I have grown up completely. I am actually very fun, loving, generous, and kind. I love to have a good laugh there is also the compasonite side of me.  I am always thinking of ways an opprotunity help other people. Even from behind these wallas. Nothing hurts more than waking up every single morning feeling like you are not able to help other contribute to your community or country . Still I will never give up. I will always try to find ways to help and contribute to others in need. I love to learn truths. I read everything . I read everything I can get my hands on . I love writting too. I write a lot of truth and history. I love all music. I love to cook. I belive one has to work hard if they want to suceed or want something. I am a very hard worker . I am defitnitley romantic. I am good loyal friend . I do my best to keep my word. I try not to make promises I can not keep. I have zero tolerence for lies and deciept. I do not use drugs, smoke, or gamble. I am not a user or abuser. Most importantly I love and need female companionship. I love to have nice conversations. I am looking for a good woman wuth similar morals and values. All i know is it sucks to be lonely . I been alon for quite sometime now.  And this is me putting myself out there. I am truly a good man and worthy of your friendship. So if you are reading this and are a woman looking for a a good honest man. Please feel free to write men. I promise you will not regret it. There is so much more to me than what you just read.  If you want to find out pick up a pen and write me. Take care and god bless.