Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor #217348


P.O. Box 479

Burgin,KY 40310

I am 33 years of age I came in 2012 for a double homocide charge was found guilty at trial. I am currently working on an appeal. However the situation doesnt define who I really am. I am a real genuine stand up guy. Who is very much into building good bonds and having meaniful conversation. Looking for someone to kick it and laugh with or just simply talk to on a regular ; that can make each other feel alive. I am 6’2 245 lbs obviously I work out reguarly and keep myself groomed. I take my appearence very serious first impressions are everything . Anywho If I intrest you dont hesitate to get in contact with me via jpay or snail mail

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Kirstin Decker

Kirstin Decker #19817023

F.C.I. Waseca

P.O. Box 1731

Waseca, MN 56093

Hey! MY name is Kirstin . Well as you can see I am living the American dream. I mean who doesnt have going to prison on the bucket list.  lol. We all know the stakes of the game when we play it. I might be locked up but it will never break me. With that being said. I am fun , laughing, and talking shit. I have a super twisted sense of humor, and I smiles at innapropriate times. Its a thing lol, I also love longboarding,road trips, long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick. wait what? If I just described our first date than i am your gal and i love to hear from you. Hate mail works too. Check out my fb page Kirstin Walz Decker. Send me your email adress so I can invite you on vorrlinks for faster communication. Hope to hear from you

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Delwin Boudreaux

Delwin Boudreaux #012414-035

1001 San Rio Blvd

Laredo,TX 78046

First I want to say if you write me you wont be dissapointed . Currently I reside in the  rio grande federal detion processing center. All this is due to impulsive decision (my love for fast money and gambling).  Those things usally get me caught up. When I am in the free world i enjoy going to the casino and hanging with my family, fishing, hunting,camping and alot more . If you write me I will write you back and tell you more.

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ASPC Tucson, Manzanita Unit
PO Box 24401
Tucson, AZ 85734

I been in carcerated now going on 12 years . I was charged with murder that was later reduced down to manslaughter. I was given a 16 year setence with a probation tail. I have family support, I have a 13year old daughter. I am looking for a woman who could be friends, get to know, build something that will last. We have tablets here at the prison i’m located at. IF you corresponding with me . You can write via snail mail. Or you can email me by downloading the securus mobile application. You can also look me up on as facebook. Basey Biscoe

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Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson #1408527


P.O. Box 860

Oakwood, V.A. 24631

I’ve been incarcerated for 12 and a half years. I enjoy self education on any subject that catches my interest. especially those that ensure a positive future for myself. I focus on maintaining good relationships with my family and friends.  I keep a positive outlook on life.  I pride myself on my sense of humor and my artistic abilities and my optimistic views. 

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Gerard a Smith

Gerard A Smith #1491148

2500 westgate 

Pendleton, O.R. 97801

I came to prison at the age of 20, I have been in prison for 16 years. I love to joke and have a good time. I work out alot, alot. I am 5’6 180 lbs. tattoed from the neck to the top of my feet. I draw (just begining to learn). I have an affinity of hardcore music and horror movies big zombie fan. I belive in being true to what you say and practice what you preach.  I am very faithful I know it sounds to good to be ture but really I am this way. I am a romantic, and like to see and hear about the outside world. Love to write and talk. Give me a chance and find out what else I am about. Also I am a open book hope to hear from you soon.

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