William Blanton

William Blanton #193614

Liberty correctional.

11064 north west dempsey barron rd

Bristol, Florida 32321

Currently incarcerated, but see the parole board april of 2023, single good natured outdoorsmen, like to laugh and joke,like pizza pittbulls and the color purple. Enjoy working out, football, mma, boxing and drawing. I was born in ohio but grew up in Los Angeles .Looking for someone to share there ups and downs with, become good friends, and get to know each other and possibly more . Nowhere near perfect but perfect for someone. You can reach me by jpay or email.

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Chad Deyoung

Chad Deyoung #19302-041


P.O. Box 1000

Oxford, WI 53952

Hello my name is Chad . I’m 33 years old. Born and raised in the Twin Cities. I am serving a year sentence in the federal prison in Oxford, Wisconsin. The crime I am serving time for is Distribution of Meth. People who meet me wouldnt think of me as a criminal . I have made some bad decisons , but I dont let them define me. I enjoy working out and staying active . Some hobbies of mine include playing and watching sports, snowboarding, watching movies, cooking and being outdoors. I have a huge heart. I am caring loyal to a fault and very driven. I like to have a good time so I goof around with my family and friend. Family is super importanat to me. I went to school for computer science so I am kind of a tech nerd. I pride myself in being a genuine and honest . I am looking to connect with somebody who can see the real me. I am open to friendship or a relationship if thats where things go. I also enjoy long walks along razor wire fences LOL . If you are interested you can snail mail me or write me a letter with your email adress and we can speak on crorrlinks

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Brian Hauth

Brian Hauth #23397489

2500 West Gate

Pendleton, OR 97801

Family person , animal person. I like to travel  & play music . I am a young adult looking for someone to keep company and get to know.  I am from portland Oregon and am serving 60 months on a robery 2. My out date is 11/14/2024 . I want to study psychology, so I can learn to help people. I want to fight fires also when I get out. I also love women,anyways I know this isnt much of a intro. If you want to know more please feel free to write me and I will write you back. 

PS sorry about the mug shot

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Michael Deaton

Michael Deaton #223828


374 New Bethel Church Rd. 

Fredonia, KY 42411

I am single just got out of a 10 year marriage. I have one child. I have a 26 year sentence for non-violent offense. I go up for paole January 2022. I am from Carrolton kentucky, I am a certified welder/pipe fitter by trade. I like country and rock music. I love fishing camping and all things outdooors. Also love family activities.  If you would like to know anything else you can add me on jpay. I look forward to getting to know you.

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Delwin Boudreaux

Delwin Boudreaux #012414-035

1001 San Rio Blvd

Laredo,TX 78046

First I want to say if you write me you wont be dissapointed . Currently I reside in the  rio grande federal detion processing center. All this is due to impulsive decision (my love for fast money and gambling).  Those things usally get me caught up. When I am in the free world i enjoy going to the casino and hanging with my family, fishing, hunting,camping and alot more . If you write me I will write you back and tell you more.

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Daniel Roach

Daniel Roach #425245

Coyote Ridge Correction Center

P.O. Box 769 

Connell,WA 99326

Name is Daniel I am 28 years old I am a small town country boy. My passion is cars and working out. I am very out going, really funny. I listen to all music, but I love country music I am a family man. I do have 2 kids a boy and girl . Son is 3 daughter is 9 months. 2 seperate moms. I am not judgemental . I love everyone the same, I am actually fun to talk to . I am great at listening . I am construction worker. Love to work and support my family. Just want to find someone who is amazing, loving and caring.Plus I am betting myself . I want someone who is going to appreceate me and what I do for them. I am looking for something that could turn into something real.

I am 5 foot 10 inches tall and 150 lbs.  My favorite color is blue and green neon green. I am a lover not a fighter. I dont like conflict, but can handle myself well. I am a huge softy kid at heart. I just want to find someone I can give my love to. MY hobby is writting letters, poems and songs. I love long letters. The longer the better . I am down for what ever tho. I worked construction before I fell.  Lived the fast and furious life style.  Yes I do race car meets , The works , sadly my project car was totaled and why I’m here I love  4×4 wheeling, atvs and dirt bikes. I had a good life , house, cars , money , kids. MY goal is to get back on top . Be there for my kids, as in be part of their lives. I need someone that will push me to keep going in the right direction.  Who will have my back. I am big on family life. I do want more kids in the future.

I am a recovering alcoholic another reason why I am here. But I am 1 month sober. I dont do drugs never did and never will. Alchol was my addiction. But I have control and will power to never drink again. I in prison on a count of vehicula homicide. 4 years and 6 months is my sentence. Sadly I lost someone I loved deeply and was with at the time.More on this if you chose to ask. I hope you enjoy the photo. It was taken the last time I got to hold my kid. 

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Sonja Ernst

Sonja Ernst TDCJ#02320471

Crain-reception unit (r-12)

1401 Stateschool Rd.

Gatesville,TX 76599

I am a outgoing, forward,funny person. I have some college, outside of prison I did dog grooming and worked at restaurants.  I really love to laugh and smile at all times. My family is everything to me. Love to be outdoors, love beaches, and fishing, as well as inside watching movies and tattooing. So of course ink lovers welcome.  Just want to live life to the fullest. 

If you send me a Jpay email. Remember I can NOT reply to it. You must include your address so I cant snail mail you a reply .

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3001 W. Highway 146

La Grange KY. 40031

First time making one of these not sure what to say.  Here we go I am 25 years old mixed.  I like sports,listening to and writing music, swimming, traveling, eating and sleeping. I am looking for a FEMALE who will look past my current situation. That will take time out of her day to write me. I have jpay email also feel free to contact me on.

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DEBORAH SUZANNE YOUNG #126642         

1451 Fore Road Pocatello, Idaho 83205

Hello, My name is Deborah. I am 25 years old , I have been locked up since May 2, 2019.

My top time is Feb. 2028. I have five full blooded siblings . 1 half sibling. Fours brothers 2 sisters.  This crime I did is my first. I have one child that I made the choice to give up to adoption.  I would like to meet someone who loves and wants kids.  Who is also ok with the idea of being a step parent, and who is also romantic.  I will talk to you about my charge after we start to talk. I want you to know me for me and not my charge .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Kelly Diane McDOWELL


M. 224 01406961

742 F.M. 712

Marlin,TX 76661

You will find me to be open-minded and hard-working. I love the lord and believe God is the ultimate and creator. I have a large sentence but I am being diligent with with my time. I am seeking genuine legal proceeding to shorten it. I am a divorced mom and grand ma. I’m southern to the core with no prejudices.  I enjoy reading fantasy, history, mystery, romance,  and the bible.  I am mechanical and clerical and computeree. I  am affectionate and like affection . I am seeking connections. 

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