Brandon Woodward

Brandon Woodward –

Coyote Ridge Cirrection Center

1301 North Ephrata Avenue

PO Box 769,

Connell, Washington , 9932

This is an introduction poem to a stranger out there :  One with mezmerizing eyes and beatiful hair . From this simple man who has one simple goal,that is to spark your attention with words from my soul. We ca shae some laughs maybe some cries. Go ahead and be skeptical, but I am nit like other guys. If my game is on point we can take it from there . I know I am not perfect but I can say that I am rare . I am not into games and I am not into playing. So if you like what you are rrading . Then here is what I am sayin . It doesnt matter what you want get off your chest put your worries in my lap and I will pass the test. 

I’ve made some mistakes but I am learning my leasons. I’m using this time to further my education and prepare for my release in 2024. I am 31 years young and full of ambition. I may not fully know what to do but I know now what not to do. I love to write poterey and music and I’m covered in tattos. I’m your typical¬† nad boy who is changening his ways to be good. I love life , and I am not gonna waste another day . I am going to travel upon my relase and start my own buisness. I will keep the details a suprise untill I meet my new penpal. Well I hope to hear from someone. I know how to live life and handle my buisness.

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