Derek Kidd

Derek Kidd #304308

P.O. Box 16787

Louisville,KY 40256

Hey I am Kidd from kentucky. I am a very chilled dude and I got a good heart. Looking for some friends cuz everyone has forgotten about me out there, it gets very cold and lonely in here. I like to fish and I love to watch the sunset its my favorite part of the day. Looking for someone thats going to stick by me,someone I can talk, and trust.  You can reach me via regular mail and jpay hope to hear from you.

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Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor #217348


P.O. Box 479

Burgin,KY 40310

I am 33 years of age I came in 2012 for a double homocide charge was found guilty at trial. I am currently working on an appeal. However the situation doesnt define who I really am. I am a real genuine stand up guy. Who is very much into building good bonds and having meaniful conversation. Looking for someone to kick it and laugh with or just simply talk to on a regular ; that can make each other feel alive. I am 6’2 245 lbs obviously I work out reguarly and keep myself groomed. I take my appearence very serious first impressions are everything . Anywho If I intrest you dont hesitate to get in contact with me via jpay or snail mail

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Jeremy Earlywine

Jeremy Earlywine #268289

P.O. Box 479 

Burgin,KY 40310

Hi my name is Jeremy Iam really excited to meet you.. I joined this site in hopes of metting new friends .I am as country as country gets. I love being outdoors. I am honest and loyal to the core.  I consider myself to be a great friend . IF you like what you see then add me on jpay or write me via the mail. I cant wait to hear from you

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Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith #2322227

P.O. Box 479

Burgin, KY 40310

I am looking for someone who can build a friendship with. I am looking for somone who understands my situation I am open to having a relationship. I am not opposed to meeting someone and having more than a friendship. So if you want to give me some conversation and be my friends send me a letter or contact me on jpay

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Henry Lindle

Harry Lindle #301060

P.O. Box 479

Burgin,KY 40310

Hey ladies , allow me to please you!! My Name is Harry Lindle the 3rd

but those close to me call me Tre. But for a special person my name can be whatever you want it to be. My facebook and instagram name is also Tre Day.  I’m  a single 24 year old guy never married with no kids.  stand 5’7 about 155 lbs as alot of guys in the pin I am toned and muscular and working on a 6 pack. I have brown hair and brown eyes smooth in all the right places nicely endowed. I am currently into a 4 years served on a 6 year sentence for robbery and theft. A heroin drug related crime an area in my young life I never wish to revisit. This is my first stent in prison . I enjoy body art and tattos my ears are small guaged . I have a high school diploma and I am from erlanger KY, which is close to cincinnati, oh.  I am looking for a commited relationship with a good hearted girl. One who doesnt mind a safe walk on the wild side . I am attracted to blonde hair and blue eyes with nice chest and a fat ass. Open to explore new things.  The thing I fall for more than anything is personallity I aspire to become a professional tatto artist with a lics. shop soon. Jpay me or write me a letter.

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Butch Frith

Butch Frith #237540


P.O. Box 479

Burgin, KY 40310

Hello my name is Butch, but I go by my middle name which is Sam.  Been locked up for 3 1/2 years  and should getting released in 12 to 14 months, 2nd degree robbery and 1st degree fleeing and evading are my charges. Honestly I am doing this  to try and  find something real.  I just to put my all out there and maybe find the same in return.  Mostly been with women my hole life. But from time to time I find myself in some bi situations. I really enjoy the feel of another male lover, I have only had 2 experiences. Looking forward to more. Snail me at adress above or add me to jpay

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Barney Warner

 Barner Warner #284920


P.O. Box 479

Burgin Ky 40310

My name is Barney AKA BJ. I am 36 years old and have had a hard life. I have lost everyone I ever loved. I would like to meet someone , that I can talk to and get to know. Life is hard but I am ready to meet some new people, and move on with my life. You can snail mail me or jpay me.

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Jeff Carrender

Jeff Carrender #262676

P.O. Box 479

Burgin KY 40310

My name is Jeff I am 34 years old 5’10 brown hair brown eyes . Origonally from Southern Kentucky , I am country to the bone and proud of it. I am real easy to get along with and I try to keep a smile on my face. It makes me feel good to help others smile. I am an open book. So feel free to ask me anything you want to.  I have a past and I have been in some pretty dark places. I am wanting and willing to chang all that and not waste anymore time locked away in this place. If your thinking about messsaging me just do it dont over think it. I’d be glad to meet you . I have and can accept emails here . So if you like to add me as a contact feel free to do so.

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Michael P. Kelly

Michael P. Kelly # 210382

P.O. Box 477

Burgin, KY 40310 

Hello Friend my name is Mike , and I am a really excited to meet you. To keep it all the way real , I have been locked up for far to long and am dying for some female conversation.  So if you are reading this stop your search, because I am the one you were looking for . Hopefully we can have lots of fun together and brighten each others day. You wont regret chosing me I promis. Message me already. ps I have jpay

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Sean Rosell

Sean Rosell #255511

P.O. Box 479 

Burgin,Ky 40310

Hello future penpal my name is Sean I am a 29 year old white male, I am fun, energetic, positive and caring. Of course like anyone else I do have my shortcommings, but I am doing what I can to work on those . I enjoy playing a variety of sports and I like just about anything to do with the outdoors. When released I plan to go back to school for buisness managment and hope to one day own a bar and grill.  I am interested in a good woman who will push me to do better and who also has her life in order . Loyalty is a big deal to me and I want someone who is loyal to me as I will be to her. If I catch your intrest feel free to write at adress above or jpay me.

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