Damon Jackson

Damon Jackson #49806-044

4500 Prison rd. 

p.o. box 1000

Marion,Il 62959

I am 25 years old and I am from St. Louis, Mo. I am looking to meet someone I will be able to make a connection with. Someone that is willing to look past my flaws to see the real me. Someone who wont judge me for my mistakes. Someone who I can count on as a friend and possibly a connection to become more than friends. I am wanting to grow with someone who shares life goals. Someone with good vibes and positive energy. 

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Hell, I am 5’11 ,34, I love to laugh and love to make others laugh. I love to please a woman  and I am very good at that.  But it is the mind and personality of a woman that captivates me the most. I’ve been locked up for 2 years hopefully I will be out with in the next year. Feel free to look me up and ask whatever you want to know. I am brutaly honest.  I am looking for sexy white,latin, or asian women. I am looking for someone who is not intimidated by affection.  Someone who believes in  loyalty and is not set back by insercurites. OR who plays child like games , but is ready to meet me on a intellectual level.  Contact me via facebook