Robert Richardson

Robert Richardson #17937329

2500 westgate

Pendleton, OR 97801

Being locked away from the world. Seperated from the people you truly care about. Can take a major toll on you mentally and physically. I am here looking for friends to love,help,support, hold me down while I am all alone behind these prison walls. I have been through a lot so you can tell me anything. I am not the judging type. I am only here to listen and help you. Make you laugh when you feel like there is no one else to be there for you.

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Michael Yanez

Michael Yanez #242207

P.O. Box 479

Burgin,Ky 40310

Attention 30 year old 1/2 white 1/2 mexican man. Former marine of 8 years. Currently seeking male companionship correspondence. I am 6 foot tall 225 lbs solid muscular build with dark features. I keep a shaven bald head and have drown eyes. As the picture shows I am queit the looker and would love to look good especially for you. My hobbies include reading studying, ptsd management, extensive physical workouts. A habbit I can not untrain from and watching tv. MY favorite color is purple. My sign is scorpio and I have a major intrest in astrology. Due to my 4 years in Afghanistan and my exstensive training in high stress situations , there are no situations or terms in my relationship that would be off limits. No judgement no worries or baggage to big. I am attracted to the prep type inteligent man with dark hair and features. With a fem  presentation. 25 to 40 years old with no preference on ethnicity . I am open to trans gender male to female vice versa. I have about 3 years left on my sentence. Once I get released I plan to finish studying disel mechanics and open my on repair shop. If you are ready for the strong arms of a big teddy bear jpay me or write me.

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Dillon Payne

Dillon Payne #1310764

Highway K 

Bonne Terre, MO 63628

My name is Dillon, I am big hearted guy that is currently going through some things. I just recently got revoked on a 10 year sentence and I really dont have anyone to ride with me. To assist my mental throughtout all of this . I am an open book and would love to talk about anything.

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Joshua Prink

Joshua Prink #3026326

50 Crossroads Dr.

Shelby, MT 59474

Divorced father of 3 looking for friendship that could turn into something more. I will be moving to California upon release to be near my mother and sister. I am working on getting back in shape and want to drop around 30 more lbs.  I am a music lover and music is life. I love the outdoors especially if involves the ocean,lakes or rivers.

Definitley a romantic at heart and eventually find something long term. I am a practicing heathan/celtic pagan and would like to find another pagan. Not looking for money or a woman to mooch off of, Just looking for a nice down to earth adventurous woman who understands our past is not who we are.

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David Parsons

David Parsons #2153800

30420 Revells Neck Rd.

Westover, MD 21890

Well I am 41 years of age. I am single with no kids. I currently serving a 33 year sentence but looking to get into a drug program in a few years. I am looking for someone who is funny in her own special way. Someone who likes to joke laugh but who is also sweet. She has to like tattoos because I am covered . You can find my pictures on facebook under David PArsons.

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Ricky Dennis

Ricky Dennis#298734

374 New Bethel Church Rd,

Fredonia, KY 42411

I’m Ricky Dennis and I am looking for a friend or relationship. I am a person who has a great hert . I am a straight up country boy that loves to hunt a fish and do anything outdoors. I see the parole board next year so give me a chance and you wont regret it. Feel free to jpay me

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Alysha Dahl

Alysha Dahl #3445

Wyoming Women’s Center
1000 West Griffith / P.O. Box 300
Lusk WY 82225

I am 28 years old. This is my 3rd time in prison and hopefuly my last. I was born in Gillete Wyoming , I was also raised there. However after getting out of prison the first time I moved to Casper wyoming in 2019. I moved to Lousiana and came back to wyoming to turn myself in. I am a fun outgoing, charismatic, with a hint of crazy, I will be here till august 2022. I have 4 kids and their dad unfortanitely commited suicide in 2018 . I am just a crazy redhead looking to meet new people.

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