Brandon Fannin

Brandon Fannin #224749
3111 Spurr Rd
Lexington, Ky 40511
*has jpay email*
Hey my name is Brandon, I am a small town country guy from Eastern Kentucky.  looking for a penpal someone or some people to get to know and become friends with. I like conversation that makes since and goes somewhere. I like to Travel and to do the outdoors type things Kayak and Canoe. I like to hike and ride quads and dirtbikes anything to do with the outdoors. Ive got about a year to go and will be getting out and would like to have some friends other then the ones in here that I have to share this lifestyle with. I like to be real and have real friends on my side so if your interested then you can write me through the mail or on j-pay email you will need to add me first. I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Thanks.