Adam J. Holloway

Adam Holloway #02339012

Dalhart Unit

11950 f.m. 998

Dalhart, TX 79022

I am from Monroe Louisiana. I am very outgoing person. I like to joke around a lot so I am looking for a girl with a good sense of humor. I like to travel around and see different things. I hve been locked up for the past 2 years , so I have not done a whole lot of traveling lately. When I was in the free world , I was always finding something to do with my time. I have never been the type to sit somewhere for a long time. I feel like thats lame lol. So I dont like to hunt or fih , I get uncomfortable in the woods. I’m always in the city . I am from monroe but I spent almost 10 years in New orleans . Thats just a little about me and i am baiclly looking for a girl that cant relate to my outgoing lifestyle.