Gidian Tarwater

Gidian Tarwater #2103370509

Adelianto Dentrntion Center

9438 Commerce way 

Adelanto, Ca 92301

As I send this to the ones that gives us the honor to correspond with us behind these walls. I thank you for taking the time to read this, and hope to find that beatiful one to ride this journey with me. My respect to you , I find myself single right now . ITs very hard  to find someone that could either relate to me or understand my faults and accept me for me. I am a good dude  respectful, loyal, and a bit of a clown . I like to laugh and make fun of a bad situation like the one I am in now. But it also gets lonely in here, its a beatiful feeling being able to talk with a woman. IT is tuly one of the things I miss, being able to get to know someone new , this would be a blessing to me right now. I dont have a type persay . As long as you are down to ride with me thats all that matters. I get out in Novemeber , so I post here to see if I can meet a new woman. I am 31 part native part white i am from victorville california feel free to hit me up