William H. Warren

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Short and blunt, however truthful. I am in prison for 2nd degree murder with a firearm. Not guilty of my crime however, I am no angel! I have 8 years left to do after I come back from court taking a plea offered before trial or maybe sooner if my case goes good. I have done a lot of things in my life and experienced just as much. Some good some bad.  I was a real gangster and a real gentelman where called for. I have a daughter and sons 25-13 years old. They are my world! They give me the power to change. They play a very large role in writing this today. Life is very short,complex,simplicity in our overall existance. I like many others have taken it for granted and have not taken my personal gift from god (women) and treated them with true essence of honor and respect as I should have. I had a mother who passed 12-12-21. I have sisters as well as my daughters and my nieces (whom are like my daughters) . I love them all and respect them with the utmost honours and dedications.

I am devoted to protecting and loving them. This goes back around to all women i like. See, i have a duty thag is a ministerial duty and obligation on my past. Under my belief to treat all women with that sake treatment, rether blood related or just the dna of the adam and eve!! I know a women’s worth because i now know my own worth. I have no time for head games, and for that matter, i have no time for games period. Life has become a very serious reality for me, i desire to behold one of the almighty’s long roses. She has been elandestine in my life and world. because of my ignorance to her value for sending to my world. I just morely yet so humble wish to relinquish to her the true honour and nobility of that which my father relinquished to my queen, may her highness rest in peace!
I have studied so many various subjects and obtained such valuable knowledge, wisdom, skills and trades that, i am an asset to she that i become a companion to. With all my knowledge and understanding (yet still learning) of self, life and growth in all things, i am on my way up in building my dynasty. I’ll be affluent, tall, dark handsome 45 years young man. I pray that I’ll have someone there to share my luxuries of hard work with beside me?!
Business (Commerce) is my passion. However to love honour, protect, and be sincerely devoted to my special phenomenal lady is my obligations and God given right! This is my pleasure, to please and appease her that stands the
Virtuous backbone in my life at all things.
I can truly say, i expect nothing from her, other them her honesty and devotion to godly values first and for most!! Then, to “us”, Never ever go just me!!! I’ll bring the same to the table first! With that said i await a new queen.
May a legion of angels hedge her from all sorrows and encumbrance. To conclude this missive, Adieu

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Age: 45


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William H. Warren #x75564

382 S.W. mci Way

Madison, FL 32340-4430

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