Salvador Villa Gallegos

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Hi! My name is Salvador Villa G. For Short you can call me Jalapeno Pepper LOL. I’ve Been known to be a little spicy. I’m really looking for people to help me pass this time I have and hopefully make a lifelong connection with. It’s always good to have friends in all the right or wrong places. Ha!  I am funny, smart,easy to talk to and a loyal person to people who are on the same page with me. I am in prison for murder. If you want to know more, just ask because there’s two sides to every story. My roots are from Mexico City and I will be going back upon the Completion of my time. With technology today, I’ll only be a Facetime call away. It will take a minute for me to get the hang of it, but maybe you can help?  Down South I own my own house and my own business. taxi cab service; they are going well, well enough so I won’t be distitute/broken when I leave. the reason I share this is because, just because I’m in prision doesn’t mean I don ‘t know how to handle my business out there. Tell me about yourself and some of your goals. If you can, give me 3 of best qualities and why you feel they are it. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Thank You For Your Time. Please remember. If you want me to write back is only 3 ways I can do it. 1. You have to be in Jpay E-mails are good enough. 2. But talking on the Phone can be much easier. 3. Ore I could write to you. if you’re willing to give me your home address. This is the only 3 ways I can answer your letter. If I not have any of this 3,1 can’t be able to answer your letter.

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Age: 39


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Salvador Villa Gallegos #22518

5329 Osgood Avenue N,

Stillwater, MN. 55082


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