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In 2015 I was convicted of a crime I did NOT commit.  As a result I am doing the last 14 months of a 8 year sentence. I get out on june 14 2023 which is quickly approching, when that time comes I am going back to alligance ohio. That is 25 miles east of canton ohio. I would love to meet somoeone. The only person I have left is my daughter, everyone else has abandon me. I like all things paranormal, and was paranormal investigator on the streets. This is likey what I will return to upon release. I am 80 % blind acording to this prison ,but acording to outside doctors i am about 95% blind the figure depends on lighting. I am looking for some form of romanitc/freindship.

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Age: 50


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Ronald A. Zink #673471

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