Richard Abril

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Whats good world? My name is Richie short for Ricardo. I am a 34 year old Mexican. Born and raised  in Northen part of California in the city of Santa Clara. I have been Trapped within this prison system since 2008 of January. Traveling this lonesome journey on my overdue quest to meet some real friends.

Naturally I am a really shy and reserved person,until I get comfortable with someone. I am very traditional and family orientated . I am single and have never been married. Trust and honesty are a huge to me, because without them there is nothing at all.

This is my first time in prison and I belive in my heart that I gained a better understanding of life and its preciousness as a whole . I enjoy drawin, music, sports reading staying busy and exchanging positive thoughts i am very open minded and non judgemental towards people. I love a realist who is not afraid of adventure through this pen and paper.I honestly would like to have lasting friendship. I dont discriminate against others because of age,nationality,race, or creed . So if you would like to meet a man that would treet you like that special person. Please write me

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Age: 34


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Richard Abril #Ab2175

Facility-A Building 6 Bed 201

P.O. Box 1902

Tehachapi,CA 93581


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