Reynaldo Granados

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First off thank you for taking the time to read my story. You already know that my name is Reynaldo . I am 26 my birthday is in October 1. Stand 5 ’11 inches tall . I am kinda quiet untill I get to know people but I am definately. A people person once I am comfortable. I keep a bald head and I am growing out my goat tee. I want to see how long I can grow it. I am energetic guy and like to work and I absolutely. Love playing soccer. I am learning to draw and am becoming good at doing face portraits. I like to read and get into a good book. I was born and raised in El Salvador a place where things get really serious really quick. So I left there when I was 16 and moved to maryland. I loved it there the mountains are beatiful and the people are great. I am still learning english its not  easy ,but I manage once I am comfortable.

I am looking for a ladys to write me only, and I will respod to anyone who take time to write me. If I meet one genuines person that connects with me  I will feel very lucky and blessed to be honest I have some time on my hands but I dont let it get me down. I wont lie being here sucks and at times its very difficult to stay positive. I am very exited to see what the future has for me and has in store  for me also.

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Age: 26


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Reynaldo Granados #62970037

U.S.P.- Canaan

P.O. Box 300

Waymart, PA 18472

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