Ramon Tostado

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Hey whats up ! My Name is Ramon. I’m currently doing a 20 years old Sentence for arm robbery . I grew up in the city of South Gate,California. I’m 40 years old. I’m a realist, I would be the first to admit it . I like to live a healthy lifestyle, so i do my best to stay busy . I work out , read and stay open minded to new things and anything thrown my way. The city i grew up in, didn’t have the best example or no models so, i made a lot of bad choices and mistakes. I have been locked up now for 15 years obviously I’m in a male dominant environment. So a female friend would be nice. And to get your perspective and advice on things and hopefully help me on my journey. Hopefully I’ll motivate you as well. I’m learning from my mistakes. Hopefully a good friend will help me continue to grow and evolve into. A better version of myself i need a friend in my life that’s a go getter, go big or go home. That’s what i always say. I’m almost out.. My release date is 9.26.2024. I can only receive regular mail. No email at this prison for now. Regular (snail mail) pen and paper and collect prepaid calls.

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Age: 40


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Ramon Tostado #V-54801


facility 4a Building 5a Bed#101

P.O. Box 1902

Tehachapi,CA 93581

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