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I would like to introduce myself my name is Marcus Martinez JR. 31 years old 5’6 I am open minded non judgemental and adventurous person. I like music of all genres basically whatever sounds good. I like outting such as camping fishing, exploring and wimming thing of that nature. I like to read thriller novels true crime self help and watch a movies like horror. My hoobbies would be working out and drawling on the street I love to tattoo. I would like to meet people with positive vibes and simular intrest as me. If not its cool to if you would like to contact me. You can contact me on the getting out app download it you can find me under the Nebraska debt correctional service my inmate number is 084365

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Age: 31


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Marcos Martinez JR #84365

P.O. Box 11099

Omaha,NE 68111