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My name is Mandi . I am 39 years old. My birthday is 4-9-82. I am a aries . I love to snow, I love to cook, wath moivies,. I love bein outside, music reading,shopping,spending time with family and motorcycles. My favorite movie is pretty woman and my favorite song iss chasing after you and if I didnt love you. I want to meet somone who I can laugh and cut up with and keep secrets with. I am looking for someone who can take my mind away from this place. I am in here for a while. I am happy to make a friend and make real connections to help get me through my circumstances. In gets lonly in here. Please online respond if you are seriously interested in making a new friends.  Keep this in mind if you jpay me I can not reply you have to include your name and return adress so I can snail mail you back

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