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Well my ex’s ex called the cops on me. To keep me from me from mentally and phusicaly abuseing her. I got those charges dropped, but I was still heald under revoke. I have to do 3 years of my paper time .I have like 8 months left to go I am looking for a woman thats ahtletic fit that has understandin. Passion and that will be faithful. I beatiful woman, that will become my best friend,have my back wrong or right, bad and good. I am a very blunt , with a strong and good heart.

A bit more about me. I am 30 years old my birthday is november 10. I am from woodward,ok. I am native and irsish. I claim my native side overall.

I am 5’9 172

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Age: 30


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Leslie C. Wheeler #687973

1605 e. Main street

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