Lafonda Fay Foster

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Hello my name is Fay. I am  a former death row inmate over crimes I participated in april of 1986. My Co-defendant Tina fabricated a defense of duress & abuse to prevent herself from getting the death penalty.  After years of harboring hate and resentment, I forgave Tina. I am sympathetic and compassionate towards her.

Heaven & and hell is our thinking that makes it so, I let go of , experienced remorse, forgiveness and developed a deep appreciation for human nature, addictions, personality difference and preferences. i know mental and spiritual equilibrium and freedom on another level in spite of being in prison.

I lost my  mother in 2005, she made it impossible for me to live life through her and know family that has since forgotten me, so essentially I am alone and in need of companionship.

My crimes are what I did not who I am . Experience is our best teacher and I  have learned that being true to myself and others is practice, not a theory . If I have to be deceptive to associate with people I will meain alone. If you are non judgemental and want to get in touch with me. I welcome your respone.

I miss hiking,fishing,gardening,cooking , riding, horses, traveling, BBQ , and genuine friendship.

I am a animal lover, at this prison there is a dog program where labadores are training to become service animals.

You can reach me by snail mail,

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Age: 60


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Lafonda Fay Foster #003697


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Pewee Valley,KY 40056


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