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I am Kevin Lees. I am serving 15 years in federal prison, for felon in possession of a firearm. I am about 20 months to the door.

My story: I was running a job site in Oklahoma, City. Two men walked up on the Job site and stole my puppy a 12 week old. I was told the next day by 2 elderly folks that walk every day . Who had took her . I went to the house that was pointed out to me. We of course had a confrontation. They pulled out a gun on me. 3 days later I was opening up the job site . The 2 men that took my dog were coming out of a vacant building. across from me. Soon we were arguing and cussing at one another . Soon I got possession of their shot gun. I locked it in my truck . The cops were called. I was chrged with possesion and control of  the shot gun. Days later the feds field felon in possesion of a fire are charges . 14 months later I recivined 14 years. I am hoping to find that special someone to go through life with. I am a country boy at heart . Love to be out doors, hunt fish. Love old rock and roll and country music . I love building furniture and build native american stuff as well.

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Age: 60


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