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My name is  Josh I graduated high school in 2009 I was a four sport athlete. I played football, basketball, I also ran track and field. and I did swimming my senior year. I also did key club which is baicly a lot of giving and paying it forward. When I was 21 I moved in with a roomate one day I woke up to gun shots my roomate killed another guy. He was going to kill me if I didnt shoot the dead guy as well as help him.  SO I did what he told me to obviously fearing for my life. Then when I got away I went to the police station. They didnt belive me. So I stayed in jail for a year fighting my case . Then I ended up with a minium 15 years . This april I will only have 4 years left. I havent been intimate in 11 years. I have a fiance but shes in prison also. But I cant talk to her on the phone . I just want someone to laugh with and talk to . Write me if you want a real friend and we will go from there.

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Age: 31


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Josh Kessinger #A657-788


P.O. Box 300

Orient, OH 34146


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