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I am currently incarcerated in the Wisconsin prison system. I am looking to be out within the next two years, if not sooner. I have been down for 26 years for a case that happened when I was a juvenille. Which I am partly guilty of. An for a case that also happened when I was a juvenile. That I am 100% innocent of . I am a open book and will fill in all the details should you be interested and want to know. As I am and always will be 100% open,honest, and true. I do not lie, play games, or bullshit people . Nor will I put up with those that do. I am one of a few people that is 100% real and I expect the same in return. No matter what level of relationship we might have. I am not a gamer,leech,user, nor try to get over on people.

I am interested in getting ouf here and meeting all kinds of people. Having pen-pals ,friends, friends with benefits, and finding that special life partner. I am open to most anything and anyone. I am a people person and just love living life, as well as sharing and experiencing new things.

I am from Tennessee originally, then we moved up to Chicago and I grew up there, and after my grandparents retired and moved up here to Wisconsin. Eventually we all moved here as well. My Mama is from Tennessee as is most of her family and other parts of the south. An my pops is from Chicago as is most of his family. They met during the southern migration to the northfor jobs during the 60s. Plus the TVA and other Govermental Authorities were rounding up native kids from all over trying to send them to boarding schools. So moms family headed to chicago and assimilated. This happened because my family is full blooded Cherokee and my dad is full irish.

When I was younger I had the benefit of a National Geographic Magazine. Which exposed me to the world and all the great people, places and things in it. Then moving to Chicago back when they still had all the ethnic neighborhoods, it was like the magazine came to life.The people, foods, cultures. Awe man it was wonderful. I still Miss it so. An cannot wait to experience it again, as well as traveling the world. After being down for 26 years for nothing but bullshit, from bullshit people. I just want to Spread my wings and fly. As my bucket list has become quite extensive. An I want to share that with my friends family, and partner.

As far as some more about myself. I am half native and half irish as I said. I am 42 years old and 5’9 have grey/blue eyes light brown hair, a stocky build, and am full on gay. I love family activites. I want kids of my own one day. I like hunting,fishing,motorcycles, dirt bikes, animals especially cats, building engines and cars, and playing guitar.

As for the type of work I do. I am a jack of all trades. I have done and experienced many things over the years. But my love and passion lies in mechanics and landscaping/greehouse.  I love building and fixing engines.

I belive in aliens/otherworlds/spooky things. I am not a republican or democrat and, dont believe in our current goverment. But I am a confederate who belives in the people as a whole with true equality and freedom for all. An that the people need to come together to take back our country.  I believe in eco friendly green things. But only to the extent that they truely.  Example being, electric cars. They cause 7x more pollution than a gasoline engine, yes true look into it. I dont have time for idoits-dumbass or retards. Or people that play games.

As far as my sexuality. Like I said 100% gay. I lean more towards being a top. But have no problem with being top or bottom. One cannot be selfish in a relationship or in sharing special moments. There has to be give and take. I am still a man virging I have not had my cherry popped per se haha.  Never found the right man yet

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Joseph C. Clark #00321322


P.O. Box 200
Fox Lake, WI 53933-0200

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