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Saying ” its difficult to write my personal story in a paragraph is an understatement. Here goes nothing..
I’m a 40 years old single Caucasian man from Evansville Indiana. I was blessed to have such an amazing family. They gave me freedom to make this decisions, advice on which one where good or bad and a consistently stable home. As a kid i excelled in sports. Did well in school and stayed out of trouble. late in my teens, I lost a couple of people whom i loved. I was immature and was nit able to grieve in a healthy manner. I self medicated to escape the pain and that led me down a self destructive path. As an adult, I have had some bumps in the road that are all substance abuse related. Despite the trouble. I have a College degree a very strong sports system and plans goals for the future I am currently waiting to begin an intensne drug Rehabilitation program and upon completion. I will be returning home. I am not sure what to expect out of a Penpal site. I’m not really sure what type of relationship I am seeking. I am open to any of the options. It will all depends on how we click with each other. I am going to close for now I hope that you have a great day and decide to reach out to me soon.

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