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Hello Please allow me to intoduce myself my name is James and I am out of the city of Ontario,Ca. I am currently incarcerated for dissauading a withness,a firearm, and couple of enhancements, to which I was setenced to 18 years 4 months. I have been down for 5 years already so I have a few left to go. I am waiting for CDC to recalculate my time under the new laws so my time should be getting a bit shorter. I am 41 years born dec 15th , so that makes me a sagatarius. I am 5’7 195 with a muscular build and I am just your type. Lol joking your probaly thinking like oh no he didnt. Lol I am the type of person that like to make the best out of everything especially. IF its bad situation because even if were. Just chilling with nothing to do were still going to be having a good time because Ill make sure of it. I am the easiest person to get along with and I love to clown around and laugh my butt off. I am really looking forward to getting to know someone whom I can get in depth with on some good conversations about what sparks intrest in one another lifes. I am hoping to meen someone who can have a postive influence on me and in meeting someone that it can produce an honest friendship, that will bring new learning and laughter, also if it goes and gets deeper then friends I am open minded to such. I am happiest when I am laughing. So if you can bring that then we should be friends. Also food for thought if you send me an email on jpay keep in mind I cant write back on there so include your maling info

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Age: 41
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James Morris#BH9961


Facility-A Building-6C  BED#203

P.O. Box 1902

Tehachapi,CA 9358

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