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I am currently in the 11th year of a 135 year prison sentence . In those years people have come and gone. So I am in search to find someone whos willing to help me pass the time. Sharing a littler of their time allowing me to get to know them. Talk about what life is like for them in the free world. A person that wouldnt mind helping my mind escape from this cell. In return I would help them escape the bordem of their daily reality.  Right now I am enrolled in many self help course so I could become a better person than who I was when I came to prison. I just really would like to find someone whos up to share their time with me.

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Age: 34


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Eric Castilleja#F73232

C yard Bldg 3 Cell 111

P.O. Box 5103

Delano, CA 93216

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