Edgar Noe Mendez

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Hello, Ladies. MY name is Edgar,I am 43 years young. Latino by birth. I speaking and write both english and spanish fluently. I am 5’8 in excellent health mind,body, and soul. I am currently in carcerated by the state of california and am looking to cultivate a solid,mutually satisfying friendship based on honesty and loyalty..I am an enternal optimistic type of guy, with a great sense of humor. I would love to be able to add those elements to someones life. Prior to my incarceration, I enjoyed being with my family and friends ,camping, fishing, sports bars, nightclubs. Good music and good times. I was the life of the party and always emjoyed being a positive vibe to all those around me. I love to laugh and have a very good outlook on life. I seek to build a sincere foundation starting with friendship ,leading to intimacy . I love to learn and love to grow in all ways . Am open minded and like to have my mind stimulated with warm conversations and a good book as well . I am constantly seeking to improve myself physically as well as mentally in this enviroment not allowing my bleak surroundings to dictate my feelings and moods. Mututal respect and loyalty are what I am looking for in a person . Whats inside is more important than outside. Thank you very much for stopping by  and taking time to read my profile

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Age: 43


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Edgar Noe Mendez #AT. 211


Facility A       Building 6c Cell 204

P.O. Box 1902

Tehachapi, Ca


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