Darrell Dawson

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Hi i am Darell I am 29 years old 175 lbs with a lot of tattoos, and a good heart . I am funny and crazy to talk to . All of my friends call me TK, lol I know thats not my initials. They all call me that because I was raised in Texarkana Arkansas,but I was born in Texas . I am white an native american. I am a lover plus a fighter, but not towards women of course. I am straight not gay, but If you google my name for some reason it shows I am Bi . I can promise you I am not never have. . Now that you have a smile on your pretty little face, write me or add me on jpay.com. I am looking for a woman to connect with Just be there for one another. I am a one of a kind thats for sure. I really dont have a type . I am serving a 13 year sentence and have 7 months left.

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Age: 29


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Darrell Dawson #280462
P.O. Box 479
Burgin,KY 40310

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