Corinthian Sublett

My Story :

I love to have fun , but not much of a party boy. I prefer to keep a close group of supportive friends over meaningless relationships. I am great listener, and I am always fircely loyal to my friends. I love to learn about new things. I stay open-minded in all situations. My sexuality is something I am still learning to accept . I am serving a life sentence, but that is likely to change. I have studied law for the last 6 years. I am currently working on exploring my religon. I choose to view everything in a positive lighht because negativity is to common. I play rpgs like pathfinder and starfinder. I enjoy the automotive and marine world , but I enjoy friendship above all. Also I am 5’4 180lbs

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Age: 31


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Corinthian Sublett # 1633710

P.O. Box 860

Oakwood,Va 24631

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