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I am Cody and I am a 32 year old. Born and raised in Vancover, Wa and now live in Portland Or. I made a poor decison to rob somebody that stole from my friend. I was sentenced to 40 months for it, and have 22 months left. This my last set in prison peroid. When I am in socitey I work with concret, buy and sale cars. One of my favorite things to do in the world is ride my street bike. I own a 2005 Raven edition R1. I love snowboarding, camping,dirtbiking, basiclly everything competive. I love trying new things or seeing new places. I am trying to meet new people both male and female, so I dont end up back in prison. Ill be the best friend you ever had. All I ask is you dont ever lie to me, I rather be heartbroken than lied to . I value friendships and relationships more than most because I dont trust most people. So the ones I do open up to mean a lot to me. IF you are a woman reading this hit me up yes I am single the only women in my life are family.

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