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Pick me… My name is chad, I am from San Diego and grew up on the baech. I draw and tattos a lot to pass the time. I like to keep it light hearted. Joke around . I am really easy going . I am not a criminal and I do not have the same mentaity as a lot of people in here. I cant wait to learn all about you.  Its strange to be constantly surronded by people yet still be alone . This will be my first time having a pen pal. I am super exicited to meet a new life long friend . I listen to all kinds of music from rock and rap to pop musi like halsey. I look forward to hearing from you

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Age: 44


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Chad Long #g-64765

Facility A Building 6B Bed 109

P.O. Box 1902

Tehachapi,CA 93581


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