Budd Cobb

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I’m 5’11,260lbz,I got brown hair but I mostly keep a bald head! my last 2 relationships were 8 years, and 3 years, so I’m definitely not a player or any kinda scandolous! I’m from Cambridge Ohio, I’ve also lived in Columbus and cincinatti for a while! I like all music I’ve just reacently started to like country. I’m up here on these sites to hopefully attract someone that’s looking for the same things I’m looking for. I want someone genuine to add to my life! doesn’t nessasariily have to be looking for a relationship, I could deffanitly use a good friend now to, prison sucks and so having relationships even just friendships with good people helps to get thrue this setback! I’m not enterested in moveing back to Cambridge when I get out,that place is quicksand and I want my life to move forward! I have no room for anything negative or illegal! I workout a lot so l’m a big dood. I’m not obsessed with working out, I just stay in shape Cause its easier too stay in shape then to get in shape! I worked in oil and gas befor prison, I’m a pipeliner so a made really good money and I travel’d a lot. having all that money ended up getting me in trouble living recklace, and ended up landing me here! I’m going back on the pipeline and this time im ready and I know what to do with my money! Ive got several real estate trades and certificates since I been locked up, and I look forward to building my own business. if u want to contact me you can go on jpay.com and send me a email! jpay is a way for US to stay in touch we can sends emails pictures and 30 second videos! u can send ur phone number and I have my own phone tablet rite in my cell! I’m allowed to call from 6:am until 11:30pm! my fb page should be active and under my name Budd Cobb from camebrridge Ohio! you can also write to me snail mail : Budd Cobb#708-758,,2001 E.central avenue., Toledo Ohio.,,43608 I can receive letters and pictures in the mail no more than 5 pictures per envelope! I look forward to hearing from you.

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Age: 42


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Budd Cobb #708758

2001 e. central

Toledo,OH 43608

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