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My name is Bradley Scott . I am from Dayton Ohio, I am 30 years old I am a super hard headed ass tarus. I have made a lot of poor choices that have led me to where I am at. They say you live and learn, but you must actually do it and not just say like most people do. I have a ton of amazing qualities to bring to a friendship. Loyalty and honesty are keys to the successful friendship. MY best attribute is my smile . I work out a whole lot and I am sprayed with tattos. I am a handsome dude I hope lol. I am caring and thoughtful. I am doing 6 years on a aggrivated burglary and I have already been down 4 years . I am currently in college and trying to recive a degree before I leave here.  That way I can come home and get a good job. I just want a chance becuse once I am giving that chance i will difeinitley prove myself that I am really serious. Life has been hard but man do . I appreciate the fragilness of it. I will never this prison take away my youth or happiness. ITs not about where you been its about where u going. I dont have any kids and I appreciate all the little things in lie. I am looking for someone who can bring a smile to my face and can make me feel special. Thats what I am going to try and do. I have learned alot from prior friendships and relationships and so I know the dos and the donts in a relationship. I think family is very important to me. I dont have but a couple of people in my life, but the ones who are in my life call on me for anything . PRison is a lonely place, I am just trying to find someone to build with and whatever happens happens. No expectations what can it hurt to get to Know someone without the physical things. I think it will probaly make an unbreakable bond. I know what I am bringing to the table I just hope I can get the same in return. I hope this catches an amazing persons eyes. Life is short and very precious. I am not getting any younger. I have been through a lot of dark and trying times. I am way to grown to waste my time on people who dont deserve it. Everything happens for a reason.  I dont even know who sent me this information on felons flirt. It just came in the mail out of nowhere. What are the odds of that. IF you like what you see hit me up

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Age: 30


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Bradley T Scott #A743014

P.O. Box 901

Leavittsburg, OH 44430

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