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I am from the beach in San Diego (mission Beach) . I am doing 20 years for bank robberies. Release date now 3-23-29. I will be getting 4-7 years back by the end of the year. I am looking for some lovely lady to get to know.  Flirt and see how things? I love fore play and being able to be open with whom I am writting. This is felons flirt and thats what I would like to do. I am always ready to write and would love to be able to call so when you feel the need please send me your number. I get to make free phone calls so dont trip  on the collect call aspect . Please do not be shy with this guy I am open for anything . I love a lady that can be herself on paper and on the phone. So till paper and pen meet again I go as I cum and thats on the wind.

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Age: 37


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Bobby Hodge #Au8899

Fac 4A building6c  bed-205

P.O. Box  1902

Tehachapi, Ca 93581

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