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I am a good ole country boy from Oklahoma and need a pretty little thing to keep me company.  I am serving a 12 year bit for drug  trafficing. I am lonely and looking for a pen pal or life long friend. My wife left me and I dont have time for drama. I am honest and I hope a pretty lady decides to give me a shot and we can see where this goes. I ‘ve got a good heart. I am waiting to share , I want a woman I cant talk to about anything (without judgement). Dont worry I am a solid guy, I am not a pervert and not a sex offender. I have 5 children that area gown up and starting their lives. I’ve  made a living as a welder but the pandemic shut everything down and so I turned to drugs.

I am trying to rebuild my life and doing it drug free.  Its an easy thing to do while incarcerated . I had just got my license to grow weed in oklahoma previously so I am planning to educate myself while in here in other trades.  Growing pot might lead to other stuff and I am not doing prison ever again. I am covered in tattos so I hope

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Billy Wadsworth #09799509

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Taladega,AL 35160