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My name is Austin Brown. I am 5’10 , Brown hair , Blue eyes I weight 215 lbs. I am shortAnd stocky I’m not fat, but I do have cushion. Covered in tattoos. I have 15 months left to serve. MY out date is June 10th 2022 . I do have a sexual abuse charge. She was 16 when I was 21. We ended up married and are now divorced. Long story if you are still interested in knowing me. Add me on jpay i will be glad to explain. I have 3 amazing kids. I completely open to talking to an interacting with all genders. The heart will want what the heart will want. I am a hard worker and fall easy. I am a teddy bear in a bad place. I love the out doors and the cuddle and watch movies also. I wont go into full details. You will have to hit me up for the rest. I am pretty much an open book. Take a shot I promise I wont be a waste of time

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Age: 28


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3001 w. Hwy 146
La Grange KY 40032

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